The Keller Williams School of Real Estate

Keller Williams School of Real Estate

Do you need a state-of-the-art real estate school course to help you earn your South Carolina certified real estate license? 

Qualified applicants can receive full or partial scholarships based on need or on life experience. 

Please contact Director of Productivity Dale Suslick (239) 314-9100 or for details and application.

The Keller Williams School of Real Estate is open for market center enrollment! Poised to disrupt training and licensing as the industry knows it, we’ve partnered with a leading provider of real estate pre-licensure to offer a completely digitized curriculum, optimized to meet the needs of aspiring and current agents no matter what stage of the real estate journey they’re in.

Real Estate Curiosity → Golden Career Opportunity

For those ready to jump-start a new career – but not at the expense of their bank accounts – we’ve created the solution. 

The Keller Williams School of Real Estate is 100% FREE. Every. Single. Aspect. From practical tools to pre-licensing courses and personal coaching, there is zero cost for students, making the path to becoming a mega agent more accessible than ever before.

What’s different about our real estate school?

For the first time in real estate history, students will go beyond typical licensing curriculum to combine business development strategies with tools, tips, coaching, and award-winning training – at absolutely no cost to them – as they gain exposure to one of the world’s greatest professions. Whether they’re looking to greatly increase their odds of passing the licensure exam or want to stay up to date on the latest real estate training, the Keller Williams School of Real Estate is the answer.


Pre-Licensure and Continuing Education 

KW has joined forces with a leading real estate certification course provider to offer premium pre-licensing and continuing education curriculum free of charge to the student. The knowledge, guidance, and support agents need to build their dream career has never been more accessible.